CityDesk is a desktop content management system for publishing small- to medium-sized web sites. It's quick to learn and easy to use, yet deceptively powerful. I use CityDesk 2.0 Pro to maintain this site.

CityDesk 2.0 Is Here!

CityDesk 2.0 is now shipping. Check out the full list of what's new in 2.0.

Fog Creek is no longer making a Home version of CityDesk, but they do still have the free Starter Edition (for sites up to 50 pages).

There is also a new Contributor Edition which provides 3 user licenses for the price of 1 Professional Edition license, but without Designer Mode. This is a great money-saver for teams that have only one designer but several people that need to add, edit and delete articles.

Latest Articles

Design Test Page:  How to create a test page, so you can see the effect of design changes on your site quickly and easily.

Handy Variables:  Some helpful variables you can use in your own CityDesk sites.

CityDesk Beta 2.0.1 First Impressions:  It looks like this one's a winner!

Boxed Content:  Putting pretty boxes around pieces of content, using CityDesk variables.

Should You Be Online?:  What can the internet do for non-profit organisations? Why should they bother?

Articles Coming Soon

- Using CityDesk for Non-Profits and Other Small Organisations
- Using CSS with CityDesk
- Creating topic/subtopic menus
- Blogging with CityDesk
- Monthly archive pages
- Uses for Keywords
- My web publishing setup
- Using CityDesk Magic Names

Sample CityDesk Sites

- Home Improvement HQ
- Personal Finance HQ
- The Pool Room
- Down Syndrome NSW


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