Index Pages

by Darren Collins
Thursday, 21 March 2002

If a web surfer types the URL into their browser, my server will automatically display the file "index.html" to them. This file is in the base directory of my site.

Similarly, if the surfer types into their browser, I want a default file to be displayed. To see an example of what happens when there is no default file present, have a look at This error message is avoided by putting an "index.html" file in each folder of the site.

To create these index files, I just create an article named "index" in each folder of my site. I like to add a little more information to the article name, so that I can tell which is which when I'm editing them. To avoid the extra information becoming part of the filename when the site is published, I enclose it in parentheses e.g. "index (CodeCraft)".

Read some more about what to put in Index pages.


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