The web is a powerful communication medium that nonprofit organisations can use to great advantage. With the right tools, it's easy (and cheap!) to set up and maintain a web site.

I'm building a collection of articles here to help non-technical people do exactly that.

Latest Articles

10-8-2002: Should You Be Online? — What can the internet do for non-profit organisations? Why should they bother?

10-8-2002: CityDesk Templates For Non-Profits — A template to get your non-profit web site up and running quickly, using the free version of CityDesk.

10-8-2002: Build Your Own Website — A free CityDesk data file you can download and use for your own non-profit site.

Coming Soon
  • Where to host your site
  • Do you need a domain name?
  • What to include on your site
  • How to customise my CityDesk template
  • More site designs to download


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