CityDesk Short Tips

by Darren Collins
Saturday, 15 December 2001

This is just a collection of CityDesk mini-tips I've picked up from a variety of sources.

Em Dashes

(from A handy tip for people that use em-dashes (they're long dashes, like this: — ) a lot is to put the following into a variable named "em":


Note that there's a space at the end of the gobbledygook. Now all you need to do wherever you want an em-dash is type {$.em$} — easy!

Importing Pictures From The Web

(Michael Pryor in the CityDesk Forum) If you just choose Insert->Picture and type a URL instead of a filename, CityDesk will still create the image link for you (maybe only on Windows 2000 though). It's really an OS feature rather than a CityDesk feature — Windows' standard Open File dialogs let you use URLs where normally you'd type a filename.

Inserting Links In Loops

Often, when you're using a CityScript loop to build a list of links to articles, you need to insert a hyperlink similar to this:

 <a href="{$$}/">{$x.headline$}</a>

Rather than typing the whole thing into the HTML View, you can use the Insert Link tool in the Normal View to create it. Just select the text you want to turn into a link, click on the Insert Link toolbar button, and type "{$$}" into the External URL field. Easy!

Insert Link screen capture

Not For Publication

I put '(NFP)' (short for Not For Publication) in the Keywords field of articles that I don't want to appear in article lists (e.g. Index Pages, Content Fragments, my Design Test Page, etc). All my scripts that list articles and recent additions (as used on the Main Page) exclude articles that have '(NFP)' in the Keywords, so that only real articles get listed.


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