Template Mockups

by Darren Collins
Friday, 1 February 2002

Once you design a few templates for your site, it's easy to forget what each of them looks like and what their differences are. Here's the method I use to remind myself.

  1. Set up a folder to hold the mockups (e.g. "CityDesk/Templates").
  2. Create an article in that folder named "Simple" (or any other template name).
  3. Open the new article, and in every field type the field name (e.g. in Author, type "AUTHOR", etc).
  4. In the Title field, type the template name as well as the field name (e.g. "TITLE - Simple").
  5. Set the Template field to the template with the same name as your article.
  6. Close and save the article.
  7. In the folder tree view, copy the article you just created (Ctrl-C, then Ctrl-V).
  8. Change its name to match another template (e.g. "Index Page").
  9. Open the new article and change its Title field to match the new template name. Change the Template field to reflect the new name.
  10. Repeat until you've got an article for each template you've defined.

Now that you have all the mockups set up, you can list them somewhere using a CityScript loop similar to the following (this is from the HTML View):

{$foreach x in (folder "CityDesk/Templates")$}
<A href="{$x.link$}">{$x.filename$}</A>

Here's the list of templates for this site:

- Simple


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