Using Folders

by Darren Collins
Saturday, 8 December 2001

Putting all of the articles for a site into one folder soon becomes unmanageable as the site grows. I hate wading through a list of 200 articles looking for the one I want to edit.

To keep things workable, I create a folder for each topic on the site. Inside each folder, I create an article called something like "index (Garden)" or "index (CityDesk)", which is the main page for that topic. It contains some text (usually just a description of the topic), plus a list of recently-added articles in that folder. In the right-hand column is a full list of all the articles in that folder.

The variables used to generate the lists ('latest_articles' and 'article_list') are described on the Handy Variables page.

When I'm working on a site to which I can devote more time and energy, I like to manually create a list of links to each of the articles (sort of like the Article Index on Joel's site). This looks neater and less "computer-generated", but takes more effort to maintain when you add new articles.


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